December 2019

Sole pictures available on our web site

We are proud of publishing our website with pictures of the soles. They are easy to find by navigation bar at products and services.  By clicking a sole, larger picture is appearing.
And more pictures are still to come after they are photographed.

Positions offered in the production

We are looking for a operator for injection molding machines.  The work is  on 1-, 2- or 3-shifts in Kankaanpää.  Please apply the job at VMP Kankaanpää.
We are also seeking a person to repair and adjust aluminium injection machine molds.  The location is first in Orivesi, but may be changed to Kankaanpää during summer.  Please apply directly in Lenkki.
Both employments should start as soon as possible.

Surplus machines for sale

We need more space in our warehouse and therefore surplus machines are for sale.  Please ask more from Jerry Kerola.

We wish You a Happy and Prosperous New Year!