ELT+ soles

End of Life Tyre material can be used for any our models, which are visible on TR-soles and GRIP+ pages.

End of Life Tyre
reused material

Securing the Earth’s carrying capacity requires the reuse of raw materials. ELT+ by Solepex® soles, which use End of Life Tyre rubber from car tyre recycling, play an important role in solving this challenge. Up to 30% of the material of the finished product has been replaced with ELT rubber, which significantly reduces the environmental footprint of the final product and reduces the use of virgin material.

End of Life Tyre rubber is made from 100% recycled raw material, which has been refined in the recycling process of used car tyres at Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd’s circular economy facility in Loppi. The importance of local production has been taken into account in the design phase of ELT+ by Solepex® products. Tyre recycling, manufacturing of reused material and production of soles together  form a cluster that promotes sustainability and employment in the recycling industry!

ELT+ by Solepex® soles consists reused raw material, which is supplier by utilizing discarded winter tyres produced by Nokian Tyres Plc. Nokian Tyres Plc emphasizes responsibility and environmental impact management during the life cycle of its products. Likewise, Lenkki Oy’s values include taking environmental impacts into consideration and promoting more environmentally friendly solutions. Through these joint efforts, we strive to achieve the ecologically sustainable Earth.

ELT+ by Solepex® soles are perfect for leisure and outdoor footwear.

• are wear and tear resistant
• have excellent flex resistance
• are long-lasting against climate stress
• offer excellent grip also on dry ice and snow

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