GRIP+ soles

Grip+ by Solepex® soles are made of two different material, harder and softer, which ensures the maximal grip and comfort.  Patterns and lamellas in different height give grip for each directions.  Canals in soles direct the liquid off between the sole and surface.  No slippery film is formed.

Grip+ by Solepex® soles have a longer contact time between soles and surface.  Softer and higher patterns and lamellas are pressed while walking and extending the contact time and increasing the grip.

The material used is compact and light thermoplastic rubber (TR).  It…

  • has an excellent grip on dry ice and snow
  • is wear resistant
  • remains flexible also in low temperatures and not loosing its grip
  • has good flex resistance
  • thanks to its great grip it´s mainly used for winter, leisure and outdoor footwear
  • chemical and heat resistance properties limit its suitability for industrial use 

Grip+ sole 5976 has win a test as a most gripping sole for ladies in 2012 in  Kuningaskuluttaja- program!

Product: 5870

Product: 5871

Product: 5872

Product: 5875

Product: 5877, incl. spots for spikes

Product: 5910

Product: 5973

Product: 5974

Product: 5976

Product: 5979

Product: 6001

Product: 6003

Product: 6055

Product: 6107

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