Shoe soles

Shoe soles

We produce soles mainly out of thermoplastic rubber (TR) with injection molding machines. Molds can be exclusively for a customer’s model or they can be used for all the customers. The raw materials are supplied from the high quality European manufacturers. Our top brand is Grip+ by Solepex® ensuring the maximum grip on wet, snow and ice. Grip+ TR 5976 has won a Finnish consumer test “the most grip winter soles for women 2012”. In addition to TR-soles we supply soles made of rubber, polyurethane (PU), EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) and leather. Also composite enforcements are available.


Grip+ by Solepex® soles are made of two different material, harder and softer, which ensures the maximal grip and comfort.

TR soles

Soles made of thermoplastic rubber (TR) are very wear resistant for outdoor and leisure footwear.

PU soles

Polyurethane soles are excellent for occupational footwear because of their oil resistant, anti-static and electrostatic discharge properties.


SPIKE+ by Solepex® soles maximize grip when entering indoors.

Leather soles

Leather soles are produced by the customer’s umris. The gauge of the leather is 3, 4 tai 5 mm and there is several options for color.

EVA soles

EVA- soles are produced according to the customer’s umris. Colors are various, black and white etc., with weld for example in beige or gray.

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