Lenkki Oy

Lenkki Oy was founded in 1974 by the most important shoe manufacturers of its time. The company continues to provide raw materials, components and services to the shoe industry. Our customers are all major Finnish footwear manufacturers and the Finnish Defense Forces. Other market areas are the Nordic countries and the Baltic and Eastern European region. Exports account for about 30% of net sales.

Growing sectors include the health and safety sector, which includes solutions to promote mobility safety and ergonomics, as well as orthopedic products. Another growing sector is the pet supplies industry, where we offer customer-specific solutions.

Our production unit and product design and model workshop operate in Kankaanpää. There are diverse opportunities for product development and model mold needs. The expertise of our product developer is available to our customers. At its most typical, our product development is the creation of customer-specific prototypes and new recipes formed from them. Our development work also includes cooperation with suppliers, in which case we work together to find a solution to material technology challenges.

Lenkki Oy’s own product development results are e.g. patented torsionally rigid insole and warm Fenomex multilayer insock. Grip+ and Spike+ by Solepex TM outsoles are also the results of our product development.

Lenkki Oy is a member of SATRA (Shoe and Allied Trade Research Assosiation).

Our values

  • Combining the idea and implementation, enabling and growing the customer’s new and unique business
  • Working alongside the customer, long-term development of operations for the benefit of the customer
  • Person in harmony with the environment at work, in nature and city, at home, with pets, flora, water bodies
  • Promoting human well-being, health and safety: protective equipment, orthopedic products, biologically active products
  • Recycling, reuse, recovery

Why Lenkki?

Among other things, we receive praise from our customers for these things.

Close cooperation

We act as a subcontractor in close cooperation with our customers.


Our reliability is reflected in, among other things, security of supply and subcontracting agreements.


We do not just manufacture specific products, but strive to design a solution that best meets the customer’s needs.

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