Products and services

Soles and other injection molding products

We produce soles and other products mainly out of thermoplastic rubber (TR) with injection molding machines. Molds can be exclusively for a customer’s model or they can be used for all the customers. The raw materials are supplied from the high quality European manufacturers. Our top brand is Grip+ by Solepex® ensuring the maximum grip on wet, snow and ice. Grip+ TR 5976 has won a Finnish consumer test “the most grip winter soles for women 2012”.
In addition to TR-soles we supply soles made of
– rubber
– polyurethane (PU)
– EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate)
– leather
Also composite enforcements are available.
Please find the pictures of the most models in the menu bar.

We have the machinery for producing also various articles besides soles. Feel free to contact us in order to find out more about our possibilities. We have experience for producing technical products made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene); insoles, shanks, reinforcements, orthopedic components etc.

Mold  design and supply

Lenkki Oy´s core competence is in product design expertise, which can be used for tailoring the soles exactly according to customers´ requests. If needed, the design process may also include the fitting of the last, sole, and insole together in order to create a perfect combination. On the other hand, many of our customers design the soles by themselves.
Designing a sole is a complex process with several challenges to consider; hardness, flexibility, elasticity, wear resistance, patterning, grip and comfort. By integrating different materials and hardness with innovative design, new level of performance can be reached.

At Orivesi R&D workshop we design products and molds, test materials and modify and fix molds.

– the insoles are produced by cutting, combining and preforming. It normally contains a shank board and a shank. The insole materials are produced of for ex. cellulose, leather, non-woven, ESD and water proof materials in several thicknesses. The shanks’ appropriate shape, thickness and length are selected according to the usage of the last. The preforming for our products is made mechanically or with a CAM-assisted PLASTAK machine

-preformed or non-preformed counters made of bonded leather or different textiles.

Toe puffs
– produced of different plastic materials, according to customer’s needs.

– produced of felt, ESD material or polyethylene + woven combination, preformed or non-preformed.

Cutting service
– we use traditional dies and two automatic CAD/CAM- cutting machines: Teseo and Saturno 2.

Grading service
– we make grading by CAD application according to customer’s pattern.

Cutting tools
We produce cutting dies according to a customer’s pattern.

Adhesives, zippers, threads, pile lining, orthopedic EVA -sheets etc.